Misc TMs

TB 43-0209 Color, Marking and Camouflage of Military Vehicles (where to paint)
TM 43-0139 Painting Instructions for Army Materiel (how to paint)
TB 43-0242 CARC Spot Painting / Repair
TB 43-0213 Corrosion Prevention and Control
TB 9-2300-247-40 Wheeled Vehicle Frame Repair
TM 9-2320-209-14&P Maintenance Manual - Supplemental, Split Brake System
TM 9-2330-213-14&P 1 1/2 Ton Trailer (M105, etc.) Manual
M105A2 Data Sheet M105A2 Data Sheet
TM 9-2610-200-14 Pneumatic Tires and Tubes
TM 43-0001-31 Combat and Tactical Equipment Data Sheets
TM 55-2320-209-15-1 Transportation Guidance for 2 1/2 Ton Trucks
TM 55-2320-272-14-1 Transportation Guidance for M939 5 Ton Trucks
PM Mag Recovery PM Magazine Recovery How To
FM 20-22 Vehicle Recovery Operations (how to get un-stuck)
TM 9-2320-356-BD Battlefield Damage Repair (repairs using only duct tape and bailing wire)
M35 Speed Table M35A2 & A3 Speeds with Stock & MVT Tires, 4.90 Oversun Gears Too.
Goodyear Military Super Single Tires Goodyear Military Super Single Tires
Michelin XL Michelin XL Tires
Michelin XML Michelin XML Tires
Michelin XZL Michelin XZL Tires
Michelin SAA Michelin “Special Application Approval” (Speed Ratings)