Hub Flip

Flipping Out Is Pretty Easy To Do!

With basic hand tools you can flip your hubs, It takes less than 3 hours.

You will need two “special” tools; a 3” 8-sided axle nut socket (KD part #2445 from NAPA) and a way to press out the wheel studs. You can beat them out with a hammer, but I like to use a “C-Frame” press (OTC or Harbor Freight 38335-0VGA).

Do steps 1 through 8 if you just need to replace the axel seal.

Note #1: There is a piece of cork gasket in the axle keyway slot, the outer bearing slips over that piece of cork. If the cork is not installed. gear lube will seep past the bearing and the axle will leak.

Note #2: The “flat” side of the axle seal goes out, the “lip” goes in and rides against the outer bearing race. The axle will leak if you put the seal in backwards.

Note #3: Wheel bearing adjustment.

While turning the hub, tighten inner nut to 50 lb-ft then back off 1/8th turn.
Install lock ring washer.
Install outer nut, tighten to 100-200 lb-ft.
Bend lock ring washer tabs down over inner and outer nuts.