Bed Mounting

Why Springs Matter

The truck pictured below has a low right rear tire. If you notice in the second picture, the bed is not sitting level in relationship with the cab. The bed is uneven because the frame is twisted due to the low tire! You can see in the third picture how much the front left side of the bed is lifted because of the frame twist.

If you were to solidly mount the bed to the frame, times when the wheels are not on level ground (like off-road) would put a great amount of twisting force on the bed.

The Deuce’s original bed is solid mounted in the rear and spring mounted in the front. I recommend that you mount the bed on your bobbed truck the same way.

The last two pictures show an M105 bed spring mounted in front, using one of the deuce’s mounting springs plus a bracket made angle iron welded to the bottom of the bed, and the rear bolted to the frame.