1970 Kaiser Jeep


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1970 Kaiser Jeep M35A2

Engine replaced with low-milage LDT465 Turbo-Multifuel

Clean and rust free (no bondo or filler used anywhere)

Weights & Dimensions:

Overall - 228" Long x 79" Wide x 114" Tall (The Chevy Yukon XL is the same width and 6" shorter)

No CDL Required -10,300 lbs Empty Weight (The DMV will consider the GVW of this truck to be the same as the M35A2 it was built from, 23,500 lbs, no CDL needed!)

Bed Inside - 9' Long x 6' Wide with 4' between the wheel wells

Payload - Approximately 3,000 lbs Off-Road, 5,000 lbs on Highway

BlitzBlack, Flat/Matte Finish (This is a John Deere paint used on heavy equipment and popular with hodrodders building cars like old Mercury “lead sleds”) 

Hard Top

Bed with Spray in Bed Liner

Anti-Slip applied to Running Boards

Air Ride Seats, Driver and Passenger (more comfortable than the “spring ride seat” and more room than the “box seat”)

Rubber Floor Mats (Helps keep the cab cooler and quieter)

Remote Brake Fluid Reservoir (Mounted at the rear of the cab next to the drivers seat, very easy to check the fluid level at a glance)

New Dash Data Plates

Heater Mounted Inside the Cab (with defrost, a two speed blower and cable operated water valve to regulate temperature)

Chassis and Drive Train:
LDT465 Turbo-Multifuel Engine

5 Speed Overdrive Transmission

Air-Shift Transfer Case

Goodyear MVT 395-85R20 Tires on HEMTT rims, 46.6” tall x  15.4” wide (63MPH cruise at 2500 RPM, 74MPH at 2900 RPM governor limit. Rated for 68MPH and 9370 LBS max load per tire)

Rear Bumper / Cross Member Relocated by Cutting the Frame and Re-Drilling All Mounting Holes (No welding done on the frame, insuring maximum strength, a must for towing)

Bed Bolted On (Installed the same way as the original Deuce and Half bed with the bed resting on an oak 1x3, the rear mount bolted to frame and the front spring mounted)

Rear Axle Spring Hangers Bolted to Frame (No welding on the frame)

Rear Hubs Flipped (Equal front and rear wheel track)

Front Bumper Steps (Makes it much easier to get up and service the engine and fluids)

Rear Exit Exhaust with Walker “Big Truck Muffler” mounted under the truck

Electrical and Lighting:
LED Clearance Lights

Front Running Lights circuit modified to illuminate with rear running lights (Normally the front lights are only on in “Park” mode)

LED Instrument Lights, Amber Color (You can actually see the instruments at night!)

75W/70W H4 Halogen Headlights

12 Volt, 120-Watt (10 Amp) DC/DC Converter (Waterproof)

12 Volt Accessory Jack (Cigarette Lighter Style Socket mounted on the dash)

Keyed Battery Cutoff Switch (Dash Mounted, with Key)

Fuse Block for 24 Volt Circuits (Engine, Lights, Heater, Horn, Manifold Heater and DC/DC converter each on separately fused circuits. Re-wiring is done at the original harness splice locations and a schematic is provided detailing the modifications.)

Maintenance Performed:
Engine replaced with low-milage LDT465 Turbo-Multifuel

New Primary, Secondary and Final Fuel Filters

Engine Oil and Filter Change

Cooling System Flush and Re-fill with Fresh Anti-Freeze

Rear Wheel Bearing Grease Re-pack (when hubs were flipped)

Silicone Brake Fluid Flush

New Windshield Seals

Towing Package:
Class 5 Receiver Hitch; 15,000 Lbs Tow, 1,500 Lbs Tongue Weight (Removable, can be un-bolted if you need extra ground clearance. Receiver is 2”; you provide the ball and drop to suit your needs.)

Dual Trailer Light Sockets (Military 24 Volt and Civilian 12 Volt with 6 Way Round Socket. Civilian 12 Volt Socket is isolated from 24V system with relays and powered from DC/DC Converter)

Pintel Hook (As per original)

Glandhands for Service and Emergency Air Circuits (As per original, for air powered trailer brakes.)

This truck is sold and is a custom Blitzblack, the “First Born” of two. It’s “Evil Twin” is a 1970 AM General!